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No Alternative To Brahmi In Tamil Films?

No Alternative To Brahmi In Tamil Films?

Bilingual films are not new in South. Many heroes have gained equal reputation in both Telugu and Tamil films, as a result of which their films are getting dubbed from one language to the other quite easily.

Some heroes are preferring bilinguals, rather than dubbed versions; which means they have to shoot the same film simultaneously in both the languages.

For some roles, the film makers are choosing local actors to give nativity to the films. Tamil actors like Vikram and Vishal have been successfully making bilinguals to gain popularity in both Telugu and Tamil industries.

Of late, popular comedian Brahmanandam has been excelling in a lot of bilingual films. Interestingly, the film makers have not been able to find any alternative to Brahmi in Tamil films.

Recently, he acted in both Tamil and Telugu versions of the film “Size Zero,” though the film makers had an alternative choice in Tamil.

The latest news is that Brahmi is doing yet another multilingual film starring Kamal Haasan. He is acting in both the Telugu and Tamil versions, though there is an alternative to him in Hindi version.

It is a great recognition to Brahmi who had given dubbing to several Tamil actors in their Telugu versions. In fact, he had acted in a few straight Tamil films in the past, such as Police Police, Salute and Saroja. So, there no alternative to Brahmi anywhere!



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