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Nikhil Has Good Taste In Scripts Says Bunny

Nikhil Has Good Taste In Scripts Says Bunny

Sankarabharanam is readying for release and the team is out to promote the film. So in conversation with the film's hero, the film's writer Kona Venkat has done a small on-video interview.

During conversation, he gets Nikhil to talk about the film and his choice of films and why people like Allu Arjun and Naga Chaitanya feel that he has the knack to smell a good and salable script.

Speaking about Sankarbharanam, Nikhil says he grew up watching films like Aditya 369 and says that he prefers to do different films.

While he reveals that he does like films like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge, he confesses he is scared of that genre and that he would prefer doing good and commercially successful films.

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Video: Watch Nikhil Interview With Kona Venkat



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