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New Harassment Of 'Guntur Kaaram' On 'Hanuman'

New Harassment Of 'Guntur Kaaram' On 'Hanuman'

This is certainly showing a downturn. It is known that 'Guntur Kaaram' is receiving poor reviews, and the collections are meager in almost all the centers.

However, the popular Prasad Multiplex in Hyderabad is still running continuous shows of the film on Monday, despite showing empty screens in the majority.

But what is shocking is not the above. Here is the story.

As there is a huge demand for 'Hanuman,' Prasad Multiplex has opened the 1 PM show on Monday, and all the tickets were sold out within no time. Many families had booked the show. But suddenly, all the buyers received the message that the show was canceled, and the money is being refunded. What is shocking is that the show is given to 'Guntur Kaaram,' in spite of no demand. The seats are looking still empty as well. 

Generally, all the multiplexes, including Prasad Multiplex, always run on cut-short business proportions. They don't give any show for any film if the collections are dull. They always give preference to the best-running film of the season and provide more shows corresponding to the demand. But no one knows whom Prasad Multiplex is afraid of. The silence is being understood as the tyranny and harassment of the 'Guntur Kaaram' team, not only on 'Hanuman' but also on the audience.

The 'Guntur Kaaram' team seems to have the mindset that they are indifferent when their film doesn't generate revenue, but they are worried when 'Hanuman' achieves a substantial collection.


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