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Naresh's Latest Effort For A Hit

Naresh's Latest Effort For A Hit

Actors slog for 40 days for a hit. But if their films end up being flops consistently, it affects their morale and their ranking in the industry.

There was a time, when Allari Naresh was considered to be a safe-bet hero. But now, he is looked upon as a flop hero.

Of late all his films flopped, including Ravi Babu’s Laddu Babu. Naresh worked real hard for Laddu Babu hoping that it will be a hit. But the film could not make money. Then came Jumpu Jeelani which was also a huge dud.

So, Naresh is doing what he should have done a couple of years back. He has decided to make amends and is now working with Indraganti Mohanakrishna for his own production house.

We had reported some time back that Naresh was floating his production house and that he had signed Indraganti Mohanakrishna to make the first film. Together they will be doing Bandipotu soon.

The deal is that Indraganti is expected to show Naresh in a new angle hitherto unexplored by other directors. Since Indraganti is also working to bag a hit, we are told he is putting in extra efforts for the film.

We hope their combination assures a hit this time around.



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