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Nani Repeats His Mistakes

Nani Repeats His Mistakes

Nani who started out with small successes, has worked his way up to have commendable hits. However, somewhere down the line, he has lost track and has been committing mistake after mistake, when it comes to choice of films.

He has been choosing weak scripts and even made the hugely disastrous Krishnarjuna Yuddham to play a double role.

Of late, he has acted in Devadas, to have the right combination and work with Nagarjuna. Unfortunately, the film hasn't managed to win over the audiences. In fact, the film has been an equal disaster overseas, which has come as a blow to Nani.

Though the film was sold at a high rate, given its collections, looks like it will end up in the disaster category. Also, he has competition in the form of Vijay Devarakonda, who is all set to take over his place.

He also committed another career faux pas by taking up the offer to host Bigg Boss. The show landed him in quite a few controversies, which he could have avoided at this stage of his career.

In fact, it went to a point when Nani openly spoke about the stress he had undergone as a host and how he waited for the show to end.

The fact that such shows cannot be hosted without doing the right kind of homework, has become pretty obvious from Nani's plight.

However, looks like Nani has surely learnt a lesson or two. His next film Jersey will see him playing a cricketer, which will probably put his career back on track!



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