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Nandi Award Controversy: Bunny Vas Strikes Back

Nandi Award Controversy: Bunny Vas Strikes Back

Posani Krishna Murali is furious with the way Nandi Award committee had done injustice to some eligible films.

He is so upset with the controversy that he announced that he is rejecting the award that he won as the best supporting actor for the film Temper.

The ace writer and star character artist wants these awards to scrapped and put a new committee to select the eligible winners.

Posani is miffed with Lokesh making fun of the protestors by saying that they don’t even have Aadhar card in Andhra Pradesh.

Posani doesn’t want to this particular award after the ‘Kamma lobbying’ controversy surfaced.

He clarified that he didn’t do any lobbying for the award even though he belongs to the same caste.

Meanwhile, Bunny Vas one of the beginners among the industry people to spark the protest against Nandi Awards stood by Posani and said that the actor is hundred percent eligible for the award.

He shot back at Lokesh by saying that we grew up and studied in Andhra Pradesh and not in United States.

“@posani garu Sir....u r 100% eligible to receive award ..... We born in AP ..we grown in AP not in US....we studied in AP not in US .....our accent is AP ...... no need to prove that we belongs to AP...,” Vas wrote on his Facebook page. 



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