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Nandamuri Fans Are Angry on Bellamkonda

Nandamuri Fans Are Angry on Bellamkonda

Bellamkonda Suresh share love and hate relationship with Nandamuri fans. He has delivered many good films like 'Aadi', 'Chennakesava Reddy' and 'Lakshmi Narasimha' with Balakrishna and Jr.NTR in the past.

Currently, Bellamkonda Suresh is producing 'Rabhasa' with NTR and Santosh Srinivas is the director.

This film was supposed to be released on August 15th and it was postponed in the eleventh hour due to the reasons better known to the producer himself.

Suriya's Sikander and Maruti's Lovers were released on August 15 and due to the absence of Rabhasa, both these films made money at the box-office.

Sources close to the unit says that the patch work was not completed and that is the reason for the delay. However, we hear from sources close to the distributors that Bellamkonda has concentrated more on his son's film (Alludu Seenu) and that is the reason why Bellamkonda postponed Rabhasa.

Alludu Seenu had a smooth run at the box-office for more than 3 weeks and the film collected close to 30 crores. 

The trailer and songs of Rabhasa are average and you can check out the YouTube hits to understand this.

Bellamkonda needs to act smart and start aggressive marketing for Rabhasa, otherwise this film might not survive at the box-office for more than 2 weeks.

Jr.NTR is one of the top actors who enjoy huge fan base and his mass following is unmatchable.

Nandamuri fans are angry at the moment as they feel that Bellamkonda is not doing the promotions for Rabhasa, like he did for 'Alludu Seenu'.



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