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Nagarjuna Pushing Vikram To Meet The Deadline!

Nagarjuna Pushing Vikram To Meet The Deadline!

Nagarjuna has announced that Akhil’s second film Hello is releasing on Dec 22 and has reaffirmed the news in his recent interviews too.

However, the film is progressing at a slower pace than expected, said sources. Hello is currently running behind schedule as director Vikram Kumar is known as a non-compromising director.

Vikram, who made films like Ishq, Manam and 24, likes his films to be perfect on every front and doesn’t like such deadlines.

Vikram is reportedly not happy with Nagarjuna’s deadline for the film’s release date as it will exert unwanted pressure on the technicians. But Nagarjuna doesn’t want to miss out on Dec 22 release as it proved successful for him many a time.

Nag is totally against pushing the release to Sankranthi as there are many other films lined up for the festive week.

Meanwhile, Bhagmati makers are ready with the finished product and are willing to release their film on Dec 22 if Hello misses out. If Hello releases as per schedule then Bhagmati will go for Sankranthi.



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