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Nagarjuna Hands-Up Thanks To Officer

Nagarjuna Hands-Up Thanks To Officer

Just when Nagarjuna had decided that his time for playing the solo lead was up, he had a success in Soggade Chinni Nayana. So, he did a U-turn and decided to continue doing solo hero films.

And that's when his old friend and film-maker Ram Gopal Varma approached him and together they did Officer, much to the shock and disappointment of Nag's fans.

Finally, Nag has realised that it was the biggest mistake of his career. Apart from being the biggest flop of his career, the film has been ranked as one of the worst flops of Telugu film industry.

So, once again, Nag has decided to stop doing films as a solo hero. Unless, the story is extraordinary, he has decided not to do such films again.

Right now, he is doing a film with hero Nani. But talk is that he has taken a stern decision not to commit to any film for friends or out of obligation towards known people.

With Officer's debacle, even his die-hard fans have totally derided him.

Well, this time, Nag has learnt his lesson to not venture into projects that will affect his hard-earned image.



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