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Naga Shaurya's Costly Present to Chalo Director

Naga Shaurya's Costly Present to Chalo Director

"Chalo" has put Naga Shaurya on the path of success after a long time. In fact, this is his biggest hit till date. The film also grossed 700k dollars in USA establishing him a good market there.

Since 'Chalo' was his home production, Naga Shaurya will be reaping huge profits from this project. Now it is the time for payback. Naga Shaurya has finally decided to present a gift to his director who gave him new lease of life

Debutant director Venky Kudumula, who is disciple of Trivikram, will be getting a costly car as gift from Naga Shaurya. The actor has booked car and will present to Venky shortly. 

Venky Kudumula, on the other hand, has signed three films for big production houses. Buzz is that he has signed for Sithara Entertainment and UV Creations. They have given advances to him.



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