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Nag leaves Akhil under Vikram's care!

Nag leaves Akhil under Vikram's care!

Akhil Akkineni, who comes from a big family in Telugu film industry, has proved to be a big flop with his first film itself, which was a big disaster.

Before the release of the film, Akhil was very over-confident, giving an impression that he would be the next superstar from Akkineni family.But his confidence levels hit the rock bottom with the failure of the first film and he realised how difficult it was to give a hit film. It brought him completely into a defensive mode.

Now, Akhil started seriously working for his second film and doing a very tough exercise. His father Nagarjuna finalised Vikram Kumar as the director for this film.

Vikram, who shot into fame with the success of Manam, has been entrusted with the complete responsibility of grooming Akhil as the successful hero.

And Nagarjuna has decided to give complete freedom to Vikram in making the film and not to interfere in any aspect of the film, so that the director would deliver a really excellent quality product.

Normally, Nagarjuna will have the final say in any of the film produced under his own banner, but this time, he has given all the rights to Vikram. Apparently, he believes Vikram can come out with a wonderful product if he is given full freedom to such a talented director.

He even instructed his finance team to provide whatever Vikram wants for making the film. So, the onus is on Vikram to make the film that lives up to the expectations of Nagarjuna.

While Nagarjuna is completely relaxed, Vikram is struggling to get the best out of Akhil!



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