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Naa ghar ka...na ghaat ka

Naa ghar ka...na ghaat ka

Nara Lokesh became the first top TDP functionary to be trolled by supporters of his own Party, courtesy of the movie Saaho.

Reacting to an article on greatandhra.com that TDP cadre was running a campaign against Saaho, Lokesh tweeted saying that Saaho is a big budget extravaganza and he too, like all Prabhas fans, had been looking forward to watch the film.

Finally, he gave a call to TD cadre to watch the movie and make it a blockbuster to call the bluff of those spreading the rumours.

No, why is TDP against Saaho? Apparently, in an interview given sometime back, Krishnam Raju had referred to TDP as a ‘dead snake’.

Poor Prabhas also was asked a leading question whether Jagan was the Baahubali’ of AP politics.

All that Prabhas said was that he was not politically savvy but the people were expecting good governance from Jagan (since he got such an overwhelming mandate).

And to sum things up, Krishnam Raju was recently honoured with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by the Sakshi group.

TDP fans vented their anger on Lokesh even calling him ‘Pappu’, for saying TDP cadre will watch Saaho.

One user referring to the Raju community population in the State said Lokesh was worried about people who constitute not even one per cent of the society and hurt sentiments of TD workers and sympathisers.

Another user said there was no future in Tollywood for heroes who don’t support TDP.

Some brazenly expressed their opinion that Lokesh and Balakrishna were unfit to be in politics whereas another wanted to know why Lokesh never endorsed the movies of Balayya or NTR in the past.



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