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More Skeletons From Tollywood Cupboard!

More Skeletons From Tollywood Cupboard!

With every passing day, more and more names are coming out from the Tollywood with regard to their alleged connections with drug mafia in Hyderabad.

According to the excise department officials, at least 15 celebrities from Tollywood were served notices by the department in connection with their nexus with the drug mafia.

“More people will be given notices. All of them have to appear before the Special Investigation Team (SIT) between July 19 and 26, without fail,” excise department officials said.

Though a section of media have got the lists of the film personalities having connections with drug suppliers, the authorities have requested the media not to disclose their names at present.

However, the media has started flashing the news about those who have such links with drug mafia, without quoting their names but giving subtle indications.

Among those whose names figure in the list of the department and those who got the notices from the department are: a hero who started off his career as a child artiste but is now struggling for roles; actor-husband of an upcoming singer; a producer who often praises the heroes at film functions; a director who is known for making films in the shortest possible time; another actor who started off as a big hero, but has now settled as a second hero; a fight master.

In all, three heroes, four producers and three directors are there among those who received notices from the excise department, say sources.



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