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Mohan Babu To Join YSRC, But Not Now?

Mohan Babu To Join YSRC, But Not Now?

The announcement made by senior actor-producer and former Rajya Sabha member M Mohan Babu that he would stage a comeback into politics shortly has come as no surprise.

He has been saying it for quite some time, but has not been daring to take a decision. He told media at his school campus near Tirupati that he would disclose the details of his political re-entry very soon.

Mohan Babu, however, gave a clear hint that he would not float any new party, but would join one of the existing parties. “The date of joining will be announced soon,” he said.

Sources said it was more or less confirmed that Mohan Babu would be joining the YSR Congress party because of his close family relations.

Though he said he was also closer to AP Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, it was evident from his words that he would not be joining the Telugu Desam Party.

“I was forced to go out of the TDP by certain elements,” he said and also made some critical remarks against the functioning of the Naidu government.

It is learnt YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy had met Mohan Babu last month and requested him to strengthen his party by joining it. Apparently, Mohan Babu’s friend, philosopher and guide Dasari Nararayan Rao also advised him to join the Jagan party.

However, Mohan Babu’s friends have reportedly advised him to go cautious, instead of hurriedly taking a decision to join the YSR Congress party.

“Take your own time and build up the tempo, before taking an active plunge into politics. If you join the Jagan party now, Naidu will start creating troubles for you,” they reportedly advised him.



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