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Mersal Piracy: Is This Proper On Their Part?

Mersal Piracy: Is This Proper On Their Part?

Tamil super star Vijay's film Mersal has opened to a thunderous response at the box-office yet controversy continues to bog the film. Apparently, the doctors of Tamil Nadu are up in arms against the film as it has allegedly showing their profession in a poor light.

Leading newspaper Hindustan Times carried an online article in which it said that the doctors led by the State chapter of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) are boycotting the film.

The article also quoted a Times of India report according to which some doctors are also reportedly sharing links to the film online and urging fellow doctors and medical staff to watch/download it illegally.

IMA president, Dr TN Ravi Shankar was quoted as saying, “We decided not to approach the media or court for relief. We will only be giving more publicity for the movie. Instead, if we spread the movie links on webpages, it will hit their collections. I hope they will realize then.”

If this statement by Dr Ravi Shankar is true, then it is surely not proper on the part of the medical profession to be hurting a film in this manner. Such activities automatically make them liable for legal action.

If they have a problem with the film, they should approach the judiciary for redressal, as law-abiding citizens. Being in such a noble profession, is it right on their part to stoop down to such levels as downloading and sharing links of the movie?

Is it Vijay or the doctors themselves who are painting themselves in a poor light?



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