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Mega Producer Behind Pawan's Power Drill

Mega Producer Behind Pawan's Power Drill

In what might be a massive display of supporters, founder-president of Jana Sena, Pawan Kalyan will be leading a 'kavaathu' or 'march of people's army today.

The march that is likely to start at 3 pm today will begin at Kovvur and end in Rajahmundry.

Huge numbers of people are being mobilised to march across Godavari road-cum-rail bridge and many more will join them in cars and in boats.

It is said that the idea behind the 'kavaathu' was Jagan's highly popular walk across the same bridge during his padayatra.

At the time, people poured on to the bridge in large numbers and political observers say Pawan's latest attempt is to show his strength in numbers.

Meanwhile, it is said that one mega producer is caught neck-deep in mobilising people and overseeing other necessary arrangements.

Bunny Vaas who is close to both Allu Arvind and Allu Arjun is said to be stationed at Rajahmundry for the past one week to make sure that everything goes as per plan.

Well, Bunny Vaas' presence, makes one thing clear. That all of mega family is now backing Pawan Kalyan's political ambitions.

On the other hand, there is gossip that loads of money is being spent on 'kavaathu'. Aspirants wanting tickets in east, west Godavari districts, party sympathisers, people funding Jana Sena are said to be pumping in huge amounts of money to make 'kavaathu' a mega success!



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