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Mega Family Heroine Has Tough Choices Ahead

Mega Family Heroine Has Tough Choices Ahead

FIlm industry is purely business and entertainment is a key element of films. In fact, heroines need to be glamourous when they come into films, otherwise, the films don't appeal to varied audiences.

So there is some discussion about how Niharika, who comes from the mega family, will be presented on screen.

Right now, she is cast opposite Naga Shourya in Oka Manasu and the film's shooting has begun. The film is being made with limited budget and it will be a love story as she is starting off her career just now.

However, once she moves on to the next film, chances are that she will have to go all glam for her films. Having started her career with television, Niharika did retain her dress code on small screen as a host. But as she does more films, will she be comfortable doing glamourous roles in the long run is the big question.

Girls like Kajal, Anushka, Nayanatara, Tamanna are all out and out glamourous and it now remains to be seen if Niharika will do her bit for her films.

But many are skeptical as she comes from the mega family and feel that she may find it difficult to do full-on glamourous roles.

So it remains to be seen what kind of films she will choose in days to come.



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