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Meera Antony's Death: Suicidal Tendencies in Family

Meera Antony's Death: Suicidal Tendencies in Family

It is known that actor Vijay Antony's daughter, Meera, committed suicide by hanging in Chennai on Tuesday.

She was in Class-12, and her death devastated many. Her death was attributed to stress, which many assumed was related to her studies.

However, of late, it has come to light that Vijay Antony's father also died by committing suicide when Vijay was 7 years old.

Some experts suggest that suicidal tendencies may continue in the family lineage, although they are not prevalent.

All it takes is boosting confidence in young ones from childhood and avoiding any disturbances that can cause them stress or depression.

Seeking the help of psychiatrists can prevent many mishaps through the right administration of medicines that help keep the mind calm and away from depression, if the problem is diagnosed.


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