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Maruthi To Direct Nithin?

Maruthi To Direct Nithin?

Despite being Allu Arjun’s brother, Allu Sirish hasn’t been accepted the way the mega fans had accepted other heroes from the mega family.

So, after realizing that his first film Gauravam did not have enough entertainment to draw audiences, Sirish decided to do a film with Maruti.

Maruti has many hits to his credit, but due to their objectionable content, he is constantly criticized and he has been branded a director who cannot make clean entertainers.

Naturally, all big heroes are avoiding Maruti. Luckily, he got Venkatesh to sign Radha. But then, he got entangled in a new controversy for lifting another writer’s script. Hence, Kotha Janta has become a prestigious project for him as the film’s success would ensure bigger films for him.

There is talk that Maruti will also be doing a film with Nithin. But for the film to take off, he has to deliver a hit with Kotha Janta and narrate a clean and genuine script to Nithin. He has to make sure that no script writer files a case against him.

So, if he clears all hurdles and delivers hits with Sirish and Nithin, Maruti will surely go up the ladder.



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