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Maruthi First, Chandu Later

Maruthi First, Chandu Later

Heroes change the order of their films depending on various factors and at times based on their mood. Initially, there was talk that Naga Chaitanya will be doing Chandu Mondeti's film next. After completing the film, he was supposed to do Maruthi's film.

However, the debacle of Yuddham Saranam has once again proved that Chaitanya is not very lucky when it comes to action movies. So, the latest is that Chaitanya will be shooting simultaneously for both films and Maruthi's film will be releasing first.

No matter how different Chandu Mondeti's film or narration is, at the end, it is going be an action-based film. Meanwhile, Maruthi's film is a family, youthful entertainer. So, Chaitanya has decided to release Maruthi's film first and then go for Chandu Mondeti's film.

Mythri Movies is producing the film with Chandu Mondeti while Sitara Entertainments is producing Maruthi's film.



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