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Market Crash Affects Double iSmart!

Market Crash Affects Double iSmart!

The collapse of the OTT and Hindi dubbing markets has adversely affected many mid-range films.

Several of these films commenced filming with the expectation of recovering 40 to 50 percent of their estimated budget through OTT and Hindi rights.

However, OTT providers are not heavily investing in these types of films, leading them to temporarily pause their acquisition spree.

Conversely, the Hindi dubbing market has experienced a complete decline, making it challenging for producers to finalize deals with Hindi dubbing producers and agencies.

Puri Jagannadh's "Double iSmart" also faced setbacks.

Producers Puri and Charmee had planned to secure funds by closing OTT and Hindi deals, but they were unsuccessful. Consequently, filming came to a halt.

The film features Ram Pothineni as the hero and holds a significant brand value. Puri and Ram's previous collaboration, "iSmart Shankar," was a blockbuster.


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