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Manoj Dismisses Rumors of His Wife Giving Birth

Manoj Dismisses Rumors of His Wife Giving Birth

Manchu Manoj and his wife Mounika Reddy will soon become parents. Mounika is currently in her final trimester of pregnancy. Social media reports mentioned that the couple has twins.

In response to these assumptions, Manchu Manoj stated that the reports are incorrect. He clarified that his wife's delivery date is in May.

“My wife is doing well in her seventh month of pregnancy, and we are eagerly await our new addition in May,” he wrote.

Furthermore, he urged fans and social media users not to believe false reports.

“I need to set the record straight: reports of birth of twins are incorrect. We’ll share our news directly when the time comes. Please ignore any rumors,” he added.

Manchu Manoj and Mounika Reddy were married in 2023. Manoj and Mounika, childhood friends, decided to start a new life together after their previous marriages ended in divorce. 


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