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Make Or Break Film For Sampath Nandi

Make Or Break Film For Sampath Nandi

Director Sampath Nandi is under severe stress to know the box-office result of his Bengal Tiger that is releasing on 10th December.

This is going to be a make or break movie for him as he ought to deliver a hit to prove that he is still capable of making a masala entertainer with a big hero.

After delivering a big hit to Ram Charan with Rachcha, Samapth Nandi got a call from Pawan Kalyan to direct Gabbar Singh 2. Then he was flooded with many offers but he couldn't impress Pawan Kalyan with the script. So he moved out from the project and it hampered his career greatly with rumors about his directorial abilities have come out.

Then he produced a small movie called Gaalipatam which tanked at box-office and further spoiled his image.

Hence Bengal Tiger is crucial film to his career to prove the point that he is not a flash in the pan. If he delivers a hit with Bengal Tiger, he will get chance of directing Ram Charan again next year. Or he may find the career going downside.

Bengal Tiger has Tamannah and Rashi Khanna as heroines opposite Ravi Teja.



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