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Mahesh Babu Settles PVP Money!?

Mahesh Babu Settles PVP Money!?

Mahesh Babu is looking so different and even more handsome in his new avatar. The bearded look has suited him well is the general perception.

Interestingly, Mahesh Babu also cleared all the hurdles for his 25th movie that have been haunting it for the last few months.

As per agreement, Mahesh Babu and director Vamshi Paidipally have to do this movie for production PVP.

When “Brahmotsavam” flopped, Mahesh Babu agreed to do a film in the direction of Vamshi Paidipally to compensate the losses.

Vamshi who did “Oopiri” for PVP also took advance for Mahesh Babu. But now this film is being produced by Dil Raju and Ashwini Dutt.

Recently, PVP filed case against Mahesh Babu and Vamshi in a court. Then they have realized that PVP is a tough cookie and they can’t go ahead without settling the matter.

Inside sources reveal to us that Mahesh Babu settled the money issue with PVP and that they have made out-of-court agreement. PVP will now be withdrawing the case.

The film was to begin shoot now, but it has been postponed for another 10 days.



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