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Maharshi: Who's Gain Will It Be?

Maharshi: Who's Gain Will It Be?

The man who wins in court will end up crying in the house, while the man who loses will end up crying openly, according to an old saying. The same holds good for the producers of big budget films.

After making a big budget film and having huge openings, the producers show off equally huge collections. That's when the actual story begins and they end up spending a lot of time in showing the correct accounts to income tax people.

On the other hand, if the film flops, then their situation becomes worse. However, if they manage a hit, then they could end up taking home Rs 4 to 5 crore.

Right now, the producers of Maharshi are in a similar situation. It is known that the film has three producers due to unavoidable circumstances. Which means, they will have to make do with the profit share each one gets.

Also, to add to their predicament, the film is being directed by Vamsi Paidipally. The man has the talk of being a case of 'cost failure'. Though his Oopiri became a hit, the producers barely made any money.

And now, the budget estimate of Maharshi including hero's remuneration, director's charges and publicity is adding up to Rs 120 crore. When it is a big film starring Mahesh, the cost will only shoot up. So, what will the film make finally?

Mahesh's last film Bharat Ane Nenu ended up making Rs 140 crore, irrespective of the huge hype. Now, Maharshi will most likely make the same amount, feel industry insiders.

Since the trade circles already know the cost of Ceded, Nizam and West, many doubt if it will do more business than Bharat Ane Nenu.

In all probability, the film could end up making an extra Rs 20 crore, which has to be shared by three producers.

Meanwhile, if like other Vamsi Paidipally films, if the pre-production estimate and actual production costs vary, then the budget is likely to shoot up.

If that is the case, what will be the plight of the three producers?



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