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Maharshi: Battle between Dutt and Dil Raju

Maharshi: Battle between Dutt and Dil Raju

The much-awaited 'Maharshi', Mahesh Babu's 25th film, has created a huge conflict between two leading producers C Ashwini Dutt and Dil Raju.

Veteran producer C Ashwini Dutt is demanding Rs 10 Cr as a share in profits from this project at any cost, while Dil Raju's version is that he has not gained a single rupee from this mammoth project from the pre-release business.

Dil Raju's claim that "Maharshi" is a loss venture for him as the budget shot up and the pre-release business just covered the expenses. But producer Ashwini Dutt doesn't buy his theory.

When you produce a film with a superstar like Mahesh Babu and do more than Rs 130 Cr pre-release business (theatrical, satellite and other avenues), and say that no profit has been gained on the project, does anyone would believe?

If you can't even get a pie from Rs 130 Cr business, what is the point in producing a film with a superstar? Ashwini Dutt has this argument.

Ashwini Dutt wants minimum of Rs 10 Cr share from this film's business. Since he had delivered many blockbusters in the past, he doesn't want to be associated with a superstar's project for the namesake.

He gains nothing from attaching his banner's name to "Maharshi", there is no added value to him if there is no monetary gain.

As everyone knows, the movie is produced by Dil Raju, Ashwini Dutt and PVP together on the advice of superstar Mahesh Babu. He wanted to settle all three commitments at one go.

Mahesh Babu took an advance from Ashwini Dutt long back. He wants returns on this project at any cost.

What will Dil Raju do now? How will this issue be settled? Will Mahesh Babu interfere?



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