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Maa Manchi Abbayiki Manchi Ammayi Dorikindi: Nag

Maa Manchi Abbayiki Manchi Ammayi Dorikindi: Nag

Hero Nagarjuna who graced the pre-release event of ‘Majili’ said “Maa Manchi Abbayiki Manchi Ammayi Dorikindi” (Our good boy got a good girl in his life) referring about Naga Chaitanya and Samantha.

“Everyone talked about technicians. But I would like to talk about Chay and Sam. Both have worked for ‘Manam’ with me. But I had no clue about their romance. One day Sam came home and our dog went running towards Sam. Then I got to know something is brewing. Then you know all,” said Nag revealing an episode of Chay and Sam love story.

Then he added, “When I watched the teaser, I felt little bit pain. But the trailer made me cry twice and wonder how many times, the movie will make my eyes moist.”

Victory Venkatesh hugged Naga Chaitanya on the stage after watching the trailer.

“A while before director Shiva said, audience would like to hug Chaitanya after watching the movie. Why till there, I will do it now. ‘Majili’ is going to be one of the best films for Chay and Sam,” added Venky.

Then it was Naga Chaitanya’s turn and he thanked Nag and Venky for gracing ‘Majili’ event and added that both are his pillars of strength.

“I really had no thought after marriage me and Sam will do a film so quickly but I should thank director Shiva for giving me this role as it gave me immense satisfaction as an actor. We made the film with lot of confidence and Shiva gave it. He is the most honest person I ever met in the industry. Sam’s character will be remembered in every home after watching ‘Majili’ and I thank her for being my support on and off screen always,” said Naga Chaitanya.

“There is a positivity with Nag mama and Venky’s presence. ‘Majili’ is a unique honest love story which says love means a hidden energy, a courage and responsibility. After ‘Ye Maaya Chesave’ and ‘Manam,’ I believe that ‘Majili’ will always be very special. I don’t think it will be good if I talk about my husband on stage. Thank you Thaman for making the last minute help,” said Samantha who spoke first among the four.

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