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Long march ends, but fight will continue!

Long march ends, but fight will continue!

The 3,648-km long marathon Praja Sankalpa Yatra of YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy concluded with a public meeting at Ichapuram on Wednesday evening, but the mass leader declared that he would not stop his fight against the alleged corrupt government of Telugu Desam Party president headed by N Chandrababu Naidu till he achieved his goal of achieving justice to the people.

At the concluding public meeting, Jagan made some interesting promises to the people that he would bring the administration to the doorsteps of the common man through decentralization and delimitation of the existing 13 districts into 25 districts, besides implementing his nine promises –Navaratnaalu – in letter and spirit, if his part is voted to power in the coming elections.

“My padayatra might have come to an end today, but my fight for justice will continue. I appeal to all sections of people to join me in the fight against injustice and Naidu who has been cheating all the sections of people with his coterie and his friendly propagators,” Jagan said.

He said if he is voted to power, he will increase the number of districts from 13 to 25, one district for every parliamentary constituency, so that the administration becomes easier.

He announced formation of village secretariats, which would be focal points from where all the Navaratnas would reach out to the local populace on saturation basis without looking into political, social or other parameters.

“Volunteers would be taken in to cover 50 houses in every village and coordinate with Village Secretariat who will be responsible for delivering the fruits of the Navaratnas as well,” he said and asked the coordinators to display all the details of all the welfare schemes at village level.

He said there should a sweeping change in the system and such change can be ushered in only when cheats and people who do not keep up their word are rejected outright, he said.



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