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Long List of Heroes on Puri's List

Long List of Heroes on Puri's List

Thanks to Paisa Vasool, if one thought director Puri Jagannath is in need of an opportunity, then here's the news doing rounds in Film Nagar. Not one or two, but Puri has 7 heroes lined up to work with him.

Ishaan, Balakrishna, Akash, Ravi Teja, Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh and Mahesh are all part of the list. Well, it is a totally different matter as to how many of them will actually work with him, but he did have talks with all of them.

After Paisa Vasool, it was said that he will be doing another film with Balayya. Balakrishna too confirmed the same.

But prior to it, Puri had announced that he will be doing a film with son Akash. So the film will go on to the sets in October. Once the film is done, he might do Balakrishna's 103th film.

On the other hand, he had narrated a story to Ravi Teja which happens to be a mass, masala film in his style. That might happen some time later.

As for Mahesh, Puri had finalized the film's title as Jana Gana Mana. However, Mahesh's film with Puri is a little doubtful given Puri's current track record.

Puri is rather hopeful when it comes to megastar Chiranjeevi. He had narrated a line to him 3 months back and is waiting for the go ahead.

As for Venkatesh, the actor has confirmed that he will be doing a film with Puri, but hasn't confirmed when the film will get going.

Meanwhile, Puri also has a commitment with Ishaan who was seen in Rogue. During the shoot of Rogue, he had promised to make a film with Ishaan and that is to happen.

Though Puri's list is impressive, it remains to be seen how many films will go on to the sets and with whom.



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