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Lakshmi's NTR Trailer: Bold, Shocking and Very Hard-hitting!

Lakshmi's NTR Trailer: Bold, Shocking and Very Hard-hitting!

The much awaited trailer of the most sensationalized movie of recent times, Lakshmi's NTR is out. The trailer has everything that made people curious about the film.

It is hard-hitting and carry some of the untold secrets of NTR's last days.

Making values, visuals, music and camera angles are reminiscent of RGV's recent films. But unlike Rakta Charitra and Vangaveeti, the maverick director seems to have stuck to telling the well known facts without any sugar coating.

The lead actor who played NTR has close resemblance to NTR in his old age. Dubbing artists have done a phenomenal job with perfecting the voices of NTR, Chandrababu Naidu and Mohan Babu. 

Ram Gopal Varma and Agasthya Majnu directed the film which shows 'Asalu Katha' that is not covered in biopic of NTR.

The trailer is certain to stir huge controversy and shake Telugu Desam Party as their leader has been shown as the main villain behind NTR's downfall and evetually his demise.

The last shot which shows NTR with tear filled eyes will leave a lasting impression and raise expectations on RGV's take on NTR. 



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