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Lady Amitabh Officially Signs MB's Film

Lady Amitabh Officially Signs MB's Film

Congress leader and former lady superstar Vijayashanti is returning to films. This is no more a gossip or speculation.

She has officially given her nod to the role offered by director Anil Ravipudi for Mahesh Babu’s movie.

Vijayashanti took time to decide about the role. Now that Lok Sabha elections were concluded in Telangana, she is ready to make a comeback. Vijayashanti has signed the film officially.

Vijayashanti ruled Telugu film industry as the top actress in the 90’s. She used to get pay check in the range of then top male stars.

The reason why she agreed this movie is that the role is unique. Hers will have huge importance in the film.

However, she is not going to play mother’s role as everyone is assuming. Vijayashanti also is fond of Mahesh Babu as he had acted her son when he was kid.



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