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Krish Relieved with Kangana's Gesture

Krish Relieved with Kangana's Gesture

Director Krish who was worried if his name would be retained or not for the Bollywood period flick “Manikarnika” is now relieved to see that the credits have his name.

At one time, there were reports that the film’s leading actress Kangana Ranaut was reshooting some of the portions that Krish had directed before.

She even removed his name from clapboard as director for the reshoot scenes. Although she gave clarification at the time that Krish’s name will not be removed as director, he was not sure of her promise as she is known to have a temperamental attitude.

In the recently released trailer, Krish’s name as director has been retained. Kangana didn’t take credit for direction as some feared.

Now, Krish will have two releases – NTR’s Biopic and “Manikarnika” -- in coming January 2019 as director.

However, while Krish got the project on the insistence of writer Vijayendra Prasad, it surely is a glitch in his professionalism that he chose to move on to NTR's biopic before finishing off Manikarnika or at least for not handling both films at the same time.

The producer of the film, on his part, supported Kangana, both against Krish and Sonu Sood, who showed his unprofessional behaviour when he changed his look mid-way.

Well, one surely cannot make a Baahubali every day, as it is not possible to have the actors or technicians tied down for years like Rajamouli could do!



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