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Krish Puts The Blame On Kangana

Krish Puts The Blame On Kangana

Why Kangana has tried to remove Krish's name as the director from 'Manikarnika' initially and later has given him credit as one of the directors? Is it because he left the project mid-way for NTR Biopic?

Even when Kangana claimed that she had directed the film 70 percent, Krish kept silent all these days.

Now that “Manikarnika” is out in the theaters, he speaks out on the issue and clears the air.

Krish narrates that differences had cropped up between them when Kangana wanted Sonu Sood’s character be curtailed.

“I did object to kill Sadashiv Rao’s character played by Sonu Sood at interval point as it would be distorting the history. She insisted,” Krish told the media.

Contrary to belief, he had taken up NTR Biopic only when it was impossible to continue on “Manikarnika” project.

Krish also reveled that Kangana eventually wanted to direct herself thus he had to quit. She reshot some portions. How much part of the movie was reshot?

She has changed some 25 per cent in the first half, he informed the media. Even the Kangana’s entry scene (which has received wide acclaim) was shot by herself. But Krish says not much has been changed in the second half.

“She has even re-shot some scenes which I had done in a different way in the second half,” he said but Krish also admits that she didn't spoil it much.

“Manikarnika” received mixed reviews. Critics praised her performance but her direction and over-indulgence got thumbs down. However, the film has received fairly better ratings. Its collections are not that strong though.



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