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Koratala Target: Just 10 Films!

Koratala Target: Just 10 Films!

Director Koratala Siva seems to have belief in the dictum: slow and steady wins the race. He is not a man in hurry and accepting a number of films one after the other and keeping two or three heroes in line at a time is not his policy.

His second film has taken off several years after his first film “Mirchi” became a super hit. Normally, no director will remain idle for such a long time after delivering a mega block buster like Mirchi.

Even if he wants to take a long break, industry would not allow him to do so. But Koratala waited cautiously to make his next film Srimanthudu, which was much bigger hit than Mirchi.

After crossing the second hurdle, too, Koratala did not hurry through his next film. It took several months after the Mahesh Babu-starrer Srimanthudu was released for Koratala to come out with his third film Janata Garage. Though it was not a huge hit like the first two films, it was also a reasonably successful film.

He clarified to the media that he was not interested in rushing through one film after the other. He said he would be happy if he direct 10 films throughout his career. He has already done three films and so, he would direct another seven films. However, he says, he wants all the seven films to be blockbusters.

It is rather interesting for a young director like Koratala to say that he would do only 10 films, all blockbusters. He has taken five years to make three films and he clarified that he cannot go faster than this.



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