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Kona Venkat's Name Up For Sale?

Kona Venkat's Name Up For Sale?

Kona Venkat is now 'the' name when one thinks of writers in Telugu these days. He has had many successes and continues to give hit stories.

Goes without saying, he is the much sought-after writer. But an interesting rumour is making rounds in the industry these days.

Apparently, Kona Venkat has no qualms in lending his name to directors and producers, providing they are willing to pay a price. And it is said that he charges quite a bit of money for his name being used in credits.

So the latest update on this is that director of Geetanjali is presently making a film called Tripura which has Colors Swati in the lead.

Well, it is said that Kona Venkat did not write the story though his name is being mentioned as the writer. Talk is that once the director wrapped up the film, Venkat had offered his name for a good price.

Well, the deal is that Kona Venkat's stories ensure good business for the film-makers and the satellite rights are also sold for a good price.

In short, the idea is working well both for Venkat who seems to be making his hay while the sun is shining and for medium-range and small film-makers it means good business.



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