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Kona Venkat's Midas Touch Takes A Beating

Kona Venkat's Midas Touch Takes A Beating

The image of star writer Kona Venkat, who is known for his Midas touch, as many of his scripts went on to become big blockbusters, took a severe beating with three flops in a row.

Recently, Sreenu Vaitla's Bruce Lee was a huge flop and his image as a writer was totally gone. Since Kona took on board his friend Gopi Mohan against the wishes of Vaitla, he hoped that his Midas touch will work wonders once again. But the film was a big disaster.

Another film that has been declared an outright disaster is Akhil's debut film Akhil. Though he did not provide the story, Kona provided the dialogues and the critics pointed out that the writing was terribly mediocre.

And to go with these two huge disasters, another film that made a dent in his image is Tripura.

The latest rumour doing rounds in Film Nagar is that he never actually wrote the story of Tripura and got a team member to write it for business and that surely did not help the film. So he now has three back to back flops in his kitty.

In fact, his fall has given solace to some and one producer has said that Kona's failure has come as a boon in disguise since writers claim all credit for success, while fact remains that it depends on many other factors.



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