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Kona Venkat, The Drama King!

Kona Venkat, The Drama King!

Kona Venkat parted ways with Sreenu Vaitla after Baadshah as he felt that he is not getting due credit in the success of movies made by Vaitla.

He was irked at Sreenu Vaitla walking away with all the glory while he and other writers were remaining in the background.

Despite parting ways they have come together for Bruce Lee and Kona happily promoted Bruce Lee until the film was out in theaters.

Kona changed tune once Bruce Lee was out and bombed at the box office. He immediately disowned the movie and started to blame Sreenu Vaitla for not using his scenes in the movie.

When Dookudu and Baadshah were hits Kona said that everything was written by him and for Bruce Lee he is saying that Vaitla didn’t use his talent. He went to an extent of saying that Bruce Lee has done damage to his image.

In fact Kona Venkat has delivered few more failures in the recent past. Akhil and Tripura were also huge failures at the box office.

Kona is the writer for these movies but he is conveniently putting them behind and blaming Vaitla for Bruce Lee. Not just industry people but also the general public is laughing at Kona dramas.

He is largely depending upon Shankarabharanam to cover up his recent failures. There is nothing wrong in failing and it is not easy to be successful in this creative field.

Kona Venkat should be aware of it and stop making such allegations against directors and accept it as a collective failure.



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