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Kathi Defamation Suit Against Konidela Productions

Kathi Defamation Suit Against Konidela Productions

Self-professed film critic Kathi Mahesh has proclaimed to file defamation suit against upcoming artist Sunitha of Rs 50 lakhs for falsely accusing him of sexual harassment and Ram Charan owned Konidela Production for instigating her.

Kathi Mahesh cited that he has huge respect towards women and suggested Sunitha to file a case against him in the police station so that truth will come to light.

While speaking to a TV channel that supports Mahesh Kathi and made him a popular personality, he said, “I told her to file case against me, if she really has any proofs against me. I’m planning to file defamation suit against her as to prove all her allegations against me are deceitful.”

When the channel asked whether there’s any conspiracy behind Sunitha levelling sexual harassment claims on him, Mahesh replied, “I was the only person to speak about megastar, power star, mega power star and superstar lately.

Despite serious accusations against Vakada Appa Rao, Sye Raa makers haven’t removed him from the post of executive producer. 

Sunitha in her TV debate informed to have visited Sye Raa office and supported Vakada Appa Rao in the matter are clear indication of defaming me.

I believe that as to save Vakada Appa Rao working under Konidela Productions, entire mega family including Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan, Ram Charan influenced Sunitha to attack me with false allegations.”

Mahesh Kathi who feels to be well aware of law points has stated that there’s huge difference between mutual consent and forceful sex, when puzzled about whether he too harassed females in the name of casting couch.

The phone conversation between the TV channel and Mahesh Kathi was like the channel trying to prove his innocence in the process of faulting Sunitha and mega heroes.



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