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Kangana blasts Krish after Mahanayakudu's failure

Kangana blasts Krish after Mahanayakudu's failure

Kangana Ranaut has now found perfect reason to take a dig at director Krish. Criticising Krish in her trademark acerbic style, she said his real "talent" can be seen in "NTR Mahanayakudu".

The disastrous result of "NTR Mahanayakudu" that took in mere Rs 2 Cr share in three days has become national topic.

Kangana said she read the reports about the dismal collections of this movie.

"Look, that is Krish! His real talent you have seen now," she slammed.

"My heart goes out to Balakrishna sir who trusted Krish and put so much at stake," she told a Hindi film website.

Krish directed "Manikarnika" but Kangana was not satisfied with his work and she reshot the film and took the credit as director.

A day after the release of "Manikarnika", Krish gave series of interviews to national media slamming Kangana Ranaut for spoiling the movie.

He termed that he created gold but she brought down its sheen with her lack of directorial values.

Now, Krish is at receiving end. All the critics have slammed his lackluster direction in "NTR Mahanayakudu".

At any rate, Kangana's work in "Manikarnika" is 100 times better than Krish's in NTR Biopic.

So she took this opportunity to show Krish her power.

"What is shameful is that Krish and some paid media ran a sabotage campaign against a martyr’s biopic (Manikarnika). And this guy made Balakrishna a fool with his shoddy direction," she continued.



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