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Kammas Angry With Jr NTR Again

Kammas Angry With Jr NTR Again

Once again, the Kammas are expressing their displeasure with Jr NTR for a rather apparent reason.

The cause of their discontent lies in his failure to issue a tweet condemning the arrest of Chandrababu Naidu. 

The Kammas had hoped to witness an emotional and angry response from the actor, who hails from their own community and happens to be Chandrababu Naidu's family member.

However, Jr NTR has beein either maintaining a silence or responding in a manner that further agitates the Kammas.

Even during the episode when Chandrababu shed tears in front of the media some time ago, Jr NTR's response left the ardent supporters of Chandrababu disappointed and annoyed.

Yet, the Kammas held onto the expectation of a tweet from Jr NTR today, which ultimately did not materialize. So, they get on to attack him on social media. 

The question arises: Who should bear responsibility for this situation? Is it Jr NTR for not tweeting, or is it the Kammas for their heightened expectations? This remains a matter open for debate.


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