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Kalki Honest Trailer: The Plot Thickens!

Kalki Honest Trailer: The Plot Thickens!

Kalki continues to impress with every promo and the newly launched 'honest trailer' increases the curiosity furthermore.

It is an investigative thriller set in the eighties and Rajasekhar is back in his favorite uniform... khakhee. 

The trailer begins with the question "Who killed Sekhar Babu?" and ends with Rajasekhar saying "I am one who has to find the killer." It sums up the plot of Kalki, but every character seems intriguing and mysterious.

The stylish presentation with lots of slo-mo and aerial shots makes it beautiful to watch. Technically Kalki looks sound and up there with the best.

Like always, the background score in the trailer is extremely impressive. Kalki's investigation begins in theaters on June 28.  



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