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JP Gives Conduct Certificate To Pawan Kalyan

JP Gives Conduct Certificate To Pawan Kalyan

Ever since TDP refused to give support to Jaya Prakash Narayan in Malkajgiri, the Lok Satta head has been quite disgruntled about it. He has also been criticizing Chandra Babu Naidu subtly on various occasions.

Surprisingly, he has been all praise for Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan. According to JP, Pawan Kalyan is a good human being who has a sacrificing trait in him.

On the other hand, he has accused Naidu of striving to bring about ‘family rule’. JP has also made it clear that he will be supporting BJP.

While JP has been criticizing Naidu and supporting Pawan, Pawan and Naidu have been campaigning together. Wonder what Jaya Prakash’s game plan is!



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