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Jayasudha Displeased With RP's Comments

Jayasudha Displeased With RP's Comments

The slanging match between Jayasudha and Rajendra Prasad gave the otherwise low-profile MAA elections, a lot of publicity.

So, when Rajendra Prasad finally won the elections, judging by the celebrations, one would think that he had become the CM of the State.

While Murali Mohan did congratulate Rajendra Prasad and stuffed a few sweets into the mouth of the latter for the sake of cameras, Jayasudha did not do so.

“Even after winning the elections, his behavior has not been dignified. We all know him as a comedy hero and he is continuing to behave like one, making wild statements. This is not proper. I wanted to compliment him on his victory. But I desisted from doing so as I felt that the statements he has been making after his victory are also not proper. Anyway, he should not forget that while 150 members voted for me, 22 members from my panel emerged victorious,” said Jayasudha.

Reiterating that she had never spoken improperly, she also made it clear that she would not be participating in the events of MAA.



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