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Jawaan: What Critics Are Saying

Jawaan: What Critics Are Saying

Sai Dharam Tej starrer "Jawaan", which is directed by writer turned director BVS Ravi, is now in theaters.

It opened to mixed talk. Major praise is going for the performances of Sai Dharam Tej and Prasanna.

However, many reviews claim that the film falls short of being a good action drama because of bad execution and a weak climax.

Here's what critics are saying about the movie.

Times Of India: "Jawaan' is the tale of the face-off between Ram and Raavan - Jai and Keshav. While the love track, flashy songs, et al provide a good distraction in the first half, the second half could see the audience sigh with impatience whenever a song popped up on-screen.

One expects a tale like this to be fast paced and gripping - that of a man trying to save a special missile launcher called 'Octopus' from falling into the wrong hands. But 'Jawaan' is too busy telling the tale of the face-off that it fails to focus on that.

Preachy dialogues about 'desh bhakti' and doubtful political inclinations aside, you can go watch this one if you're a Sai Dharam Tej fan. Steer clear of it otherwise!"

The Hindu: "Jawaan talks a lot about patriotism, putting your country ahead of you and your family and if needed be willing to stake your life, espouses RSS ideals by making the film’s leading man an RSS follower. What the film doesn’t have is an intelligent story and screenplay to back this up."

Hans India: "The film's core point is inspiring. The makers have come up with impressive plot around the point that they wanted to tell.

The action sequences are good in the film and the writing is good in parts. The writer in Ravi dominated the director in him.

The runtime of the film which is very less is the major advantage for the movie. The second half family scenes are very good and the way SDT compares his family to the country is wonderful.

In the process of elevating the hero, the makers forgot to elevate the villain equally. On a whole, the film is worth a watch."

Indian Express: "It begins like a high-concept film with dollops of patriotism but soon reduces itself to serve the image building exercise of Tej. The film has many such loose ends and inconsistencies.

It gets dull and monotonous with Jai’s frequent duets with Mehreen Pirzada. Despite Tej’s best efforts, the film fizzles out.

A scene where Jai explains why he would choose his country over his family any given day is one of the few highlights of the film."



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