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Janhvi In 'Devara' Only For Songs?

Janhvi In 'Devara' Only For Songs?

Janhvi Kapoor, the daughter of the timeless beauty Sridevi, has garnered significant popularity in the Telugu film industry.

Her enchanting photographs, often reminiscent of her mother's legacy, have further enhanced her appeal.

The anticipation surrounding her debut Telugu movie, "Devara," is particularly high among NTR's fans, who are eager to see her on the screen.

However, there are murmurs in Tollywood expressing doubts about the extent of Janhvi's role in the film, speculating that it might be limited to just songs.

It is not uncommon for Telugu commercial cinema to primarily focus on the heroine's songs, but the inclusion of Janhvi Kapoor in the cast has raised concerns about her having a smaller role.

Reports suggest that Janhvi was requested to allocate dates for filming four songs only. Interestingly, the movie is being produced in two parts, with indications that NTR will portray a double role.

Despite the traditional emphasis on showcasing heroines through songs in Telugu cinema, director Koratala Shiva is known for delivering impactful narratives.

While the songs are expected to enhance the portrayal of the heroine, there are assurances that Janhvi's character will not be overshadowed.

Complete clarity on this matter is anticipated upon the movie's release in the summer.


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