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Jailed Then, Hailed Now: What A Paradox!

Jailed Then, Hailed Now: What A Paradox!

It is strange on the part of society in general and media in particular to perceive a VIP differently in different situations.

Take the example of popular industrialist Nimmagadda Prasad, popularly known as Matrix Prasad (because he came into prominence with Matrix Laboratories). Being an industrialist, he has a wide range of investment interests.

As part of his business strategies, he had invested monies in Sakshi media group owned by Y S Jaganmohan Reddy.

May be, Prasad thought Sakshi had huge potential to grow as a big media house, since it was promoted by none other than then chief minister Y S Jaganmohan Reddy’s son.

But he was projected as a villain by the yellow media, who propagated that he had invested in Jagan’s company because he had obtained various other favours from the YSR government as a quid pro quo deal.

He was implicated by the Central Bureau of Investigation which threw him behind the bars for quite some time.

After coming out of jail, Prasad maintained a low profile but had not stopped investing in profitable ventures.

As part of that he made huge investments in Baahubali-2, the magnum opus of director S S Rajamouli. And the same media, which had derided him in the past, hailed him as a Saho-Baahubali.

The producers of Baahubali have given him the highest regard and the society has given him back the VVIP treatment.

This is the surprising attitude of the society and the media. Prasad was the same investor both in Sakshi and also Baahubali.

The source of capital investment is also the same – from his entrepreneurial endeavours Matrix and Maa TV.

For investments Sakshi, the yellow media ensured that he went to jail and for investments in Baahubali, they are praising him for his wise investments and magnanimity. What a paradox?



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