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Is Rashmi Gautham One Film Wonder?

Is Rashmi Gautham One Film Wonder?

Has Rashmi Gautham lost all the craze she received after the super hit movie “Guntur Talkies”. Media termed her as latest “sex bomb” in Tollywood as she went overdrive in acting sizzling manner with smooch scenes, hot revealing clothes, mouthing provocative dialogues. 

After the failure of her recent release “Antham”, producers who thought of making several movies with the adult content are backing off. She is not getting many offers now and she is not either seen on public forum. Rashmi is now said to be busy with her television commitments.

28-year-old Rashmi Gautham is said to have miffed with the makers of “Antham” for spoiling all her chances. She has now two films on her hands – a Zombie comedy film called “Tanu Vachenanta” and sequel to “Guntur Talkies”.



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