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Is Devadas Based on Analyze This?

Is Devadas Based on Analyze This?

Earlier there were rumors that Nagarjuna and Nani starrer “Devadas” was remake of Sriram Raghavan’s “Johnny Gaddar” but they turned out to be false.

Producer Ashwini Dutt recently agreed that the basic plot was given by Sriram Raghavan. However, the movie's trailer gives impression that its story is copied from “Analyse This” (1999).

“Devadas” is all about unlikely friendship between a don (Nagarjuna) and a doctor (Nani). This story is almost similar to Hollywood movie “Analyse This” (1999).

According to IMDB, “Analyse This” is a comedy about a psychiatrist whose number one patient is an insecure mob boss.

“Devadas” is directed by Sriram Aditya whose past two films are average thrillers. Although the movie’s music is not so impressive, the trailer promises lot of entertainment. 



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