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Insult Mega Family To Save Daggubati's Pride!

Insult Mega Family To Save Daggubati's Pride!

Ram Gopal Varma has admitted that he had influenced Sri Reddy to verbally abuse Pawan Kalyan for the sake of extra publicity.

Also he has come up with a story that he tried to save Suresh Babu’s family pride as Sri Reddy has proofs against Abhiram Daggubati.

Despite Suresh Babu being okay with whatever is happening on the news channels, RGV himself took the initiative to strike a deal with Sri Reddy. What would RGV get out of it as Suresh himself isn’t bothered much about it?

Also if RGV is so concerned about a family’s pride then how can he ask Sri Reddy to hurl abuses at Pawan Kalyan? Is he not bothered about Mega family’s pride?

Is it RGV’s idea to save Daggubati’s family pride at the expense of Mega family pride? Where’s the logic?

None of RGV’s talk makes sense except for him using Sri Reddy to provoke Pawan Kalyan and his fans.

The Rs. 5 crore deal sound like a botched up story to regain the lost sympathy of Sri Reddy in public. RGV deliberately tried to project her as a ‘hero’ by making people believe that she has rejected a handsome offer for the sake of a cause.

Also RGV seemed to be scared of being shamed in the media as Sri Reddy has proofs that he instigated her to target Pawan Kalyan. Hence RGV released to separate videos to save face and minimize the damage.

He is repeatedly apologizing to PK and his fans for the mishap. But the outburst is very severe that even the director’s staunch admirers are condemning this foolish act.

We have to see what action does TFI takes against him for trying to bring down a top star with malicious intentions.



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