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Inkokkadu's Flop Puts Vikram in Bad Position

Inkokkadu's Flop Puts Vikram in Bad Position

Vikram had hoped to bounce back with “Inkokkadu” but the movie ended up as damp squib at box-office. The flop result of “Inkokkadu” has made Vikram lose hope on Telugu market.

He has already lost the craze he used to have some years ago. After the sensational success of Shankar’s “Aparachitudu”, producers bagged his movies for fancy rates but none of them succeeded.

While some of his films became huge hits in Tamilnadu, the same dubbed versions in Telugu states are not evoking similar result.

Even Shankar’s “I” didn’t bring profits to the distributors. So there were no takers for “Inkokkadu” but Neelam Krishna Reddy came forward to release it in Telugu as he saw this as entry into film industry. The producer paid huge money to buy the rights but he is said to be ending up losses with Rs 5 Cr.

Vikram’s forthcoming films will not be having much interest in Telugu now.



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